The Faces of the book, 

This is John Grogan, This picture was takin when marly was 1 years old. John wrote articles till his little nut case of a dog came through, John got a promotion to colums and wrote most of his colums about marly witch made his boss laugh and happy. He is very creative and the family type.

This was an actual picture of Marly when John showed Jenny for the first time Marly at their house.  He was a very good dog, (most of the time) but everydog had a evil and mischeif side. He was kicked out of Obediance school and closed down the dog beach he was furry little rascul.

Jennifer grogan the Mom of the House, She loved Marly as soon as she got him but after a few years the dog started to annoy her by bumbarding guests, Stealing cloths and destroying her house other than that she loves the dog with all her heart. 

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